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Spooky Surprise Scavenger Hunt

How I completed my "scavenger hunt" at Universal Orlando Resort

On Sunday, August 20th (the day after my birthday) I knew I wanted to spend the day with my friends. Inspired by fellow creators featured on the Universally Crafted (Universal Orlando) Facebook page, I decided to make this fun day a fun small business trip - with the help of my friends of course!

A lot of crafters and small businesses in the Orlando area take advantage of the tourist locations to promote their side hustles. Being that Universal Orlando Resort is such a popular attraction, and one of my favorite places, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too! (haha, get it?)

I created and designed these spooky keychains to package and "hide" throughout both Universal Orlando Resort Theme Parks - Universal and Universal Islands of Adventure.

Here in Orlando, the Halloween season always starts early due to the Halloween themed events our two major theme parks put on. If you know me, you know that I love everything Halloween, especially Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. With that, I knew I had to start celebrating by choosing something spooky inspired to hide. I created 30 keychains in total - 15 for Universal and 15 for Islands of Adventure. These keychains are made from UV Resin with some molds I found from Amazon. Once they were cured and ready to go, I packaged them securely in fun iridescent bags with a note, my business card, and a little sticker of my small business logo.

The crafty Universal group had a few important rules to follow when it came to choosing places to hide your surprises:

You can't hide the items in restaurants, restrooms, ride queues, or obviously anywhere that isn't easily accessible/restricted to guests.

With that in mind, it was fun to get creative and find "hidden in plain sight" locations for my keychains.

When you find your hiding places, you post and comment in the Facebook group to share clues or photos of where your drop is. I numbered every comment and photo for my hunt so for those who were following along could keep track.

I posted my "scavenger hunt" in the Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Facebook page as well as the Halloween Horror Nights - Orlando Facebook page. These two duplicate posts averaged about 700 likes and over 100 comments. It received a lot of positive engagement and it was great to see everyone working together to try to find out where the next drops were going to be!

It was a super fun experience, and what made it better was that I got to do it with my friends and their help. If you're looking to go to Universal Orlando Resort, I highly recommend getting a group together to create a "scavenger hunt" to add a little extra fun to your day. I loved doing this so much that I plan on completing another round with different items for the actual Halloween Horror Nights event! Stay tuned to my social media channels to see what they could be. . . until next time, stay crafty and spooky my friends!

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