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About ME

This one is for the nerds like me

       creator of The Bandwagon Society

Growing up I forced myself to fit in. I pretended to not like the things I liked in fear that I would get teased or made fun of. Now, I embrace all those fandoms that I love and I wear them proudly on my clothing, backpacks, jewelry, and more. 

The idea of The Bandwagon Society was spinning in my mind for years until I finally decided to take action. It was created with my big nerdy heart with my friends, and family in mind... and even you, my fellow fans. 

"Jumping on the bandwagon" is a term that has always been used negatively, but I simply don't see it that way. We find new fandoms by noticing something that peaks our interest. Whether you've became a fan of something because of a friend, a partner, or simply because you found it on your own - it doesn't make you any less of a fan. 

I hope you'll jump aboard and discover more things to love along with me.


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