Why so Serious?

It's really not that serious.

As a lover of almost every fandom out there to date, I guess you can call me a "nerd" but I think I'm more of a geek. I find the term quite positive now, where as when I was younger it was something bullies would yell out to those they were intimidated by. Today it seems like everyone is a "nerd" because it's the cool thing to be. I like it actually. In this crazy world where everyone seems to be turning against each other we can at least bond over what we have in common; a love for pop culture. 

I decided to create these shops with my digital art to celebrate that love we all share for fictional characters, childhood memories, and our favorite things. Each piece comes from my big geeky heart with the rest of my fandom friends in mind. I hope you enjoy wearing and sharing these works for yourself and your fandom for lightyears to come.

Jump on the bandwagon and stay weird my friends. 

                                                                             xoxo, (Chew)Becca