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Film Alphabet collection

The Film Alphabet Collection

The Film Alphabet Collection consists of a project, or challenge if you will, over the course of the Covid-19 quarantine. In my free time, I challenged myself to watch one movie a day, for 26 days, starting with each letter of the alphabet. All of the films I watched during this time were all movies that I have never seen before, but always wanted to! Since I had the time, I thought it would be a great idea to occupy my time. As an extra challenge, I tasked myself with creating a design/sketch/digital art that represented each film. Those art pieces are what makes up The Film Alphabet Collection. It is a celebration of film, as well as a thank you for the effect the art of movie making has on our society.

Artist Challenge Collection

Six Fanarts - Instagram Challenge

The Artist Challenge Collection consists of my #SixFanarts Challenge artwork. As the name would suggest, this challenge, which was originally started by artist Melissa Caprigilone on Twitter, involves asking your social media followers to suggest characters for you to draw. I decided to ask my followers on Instagram using the "Ask a Question" feature on Stories. I received several suggestions, but I decided to choose my 6 absolute favorite. I chose to draw these "Six Fanarts" in a classic cartoon form with a twist. These drawings are now available exclusively on my TeePublic shop on several products! 

Six Fanarts Challenge
Busy Business

Busy Business Collection

The Busy Business Collection is available on BOTH RedBubble & TeePublic. This collection consists of designs inspired by fictional character from movies and TV shows. I imagined each one of these characters in real life, and if they were to run a business, what it would be called, what would it be, and what would that logo look like. It's a very fun and clever collection that I hope you enjoy! This collection is available on multiple products, and they make great gifts! My TeePublic shop exclusively has a few more designs available, so be sure to check out both shops for the full collection!

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