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How my Stranger Things designs became officially licensed by Netflix

If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things. Since the debut of the first season I've been hooked to all the stories and characters. It's easily become my comfort show that I will rewatch several times a year. So since I'm an artist, I obviously have made fan art inspired by my favorite show.

RedBubble has this amazing program where artist can create and sell officially licensed fan art from their favorite Netflix shows! When this opportunity arose, I knew I had to take it.

The process is really easy.

  1. Create a RedBubble Artist account

  2. Discover which brand Redbubble partners with that you want to work with

  3. Check the brand guidelines

  4. Create your artwork and upload it to your shop with the correct tags

It may take a few days, weeks, sometimes months to hear back from RedBubble about your design. Depending on the brand, if your design is not approved it could be removed from your shop all together. But don't be discouraged! This happens to everyone. If it's approved - congratulations! You can start making sales on your original officially licensed design. It's that easy.

The good news about all this is, is that although the design is licensed - the artist still has complete ownership of their work.

My Stranger Things artwork may not be the artwork I am the most proud of in my time on RedBubble,

You can view my entire Stranger Things collection here on may RedBubble storefront!

If you want to get started with the RedBubble Partnership Program you can learn more here!

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